Downloaded YouTube 360p videos named “Videoplayback.mp4” instead of actual file name


when I download video by your extension in format (480 , 720, 1080)p
the downloading start with same video title in YouTube,
but when I try to download video in 360p (my prefer format because of its moderate file size) also downloading start successfully but the title changed to (videoplayback.mp4)
So is there any settings to make the extension to obtain original title of YouTube video for 360p also, because downloading many videos will make confusing and miss-titling about file names

YouTube Video Downloader laith A Ismael 4 months 2 Answers 585 views

Answers ( 2 )

  1. This issue arises in some specific countries. It has already been reported and we are working to fix it.

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    This issue happens because of any extension conflicting with YouTube video Downloader
    Please disable all extensions and then enable one by one and check which extension is conflicting
    in my extensions list its “Nimbus Screenshot & Screen Video Recorder” I have disabled it and all videos downloaded with proper titles

    This extension also conflicting with our Vk video and music downloader

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