How to add two addoncrop extensions in chrome ?


Hello! I’ve installed the VK videos downloader via Crosspilot. I also wanted to get the Youtube MP3 converter but when I try this, it tells me I’ve already installed the add-on and redirects me to the VK downloaded page. Is it possible to get both extensions?

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  1. Hi, it is possible to install multiple extensions but you can only install one extension using CrossPilot. You will have to install other extensions in developer mode. We are working on making our extensions compatible with other solution like CrossPilot. We will keep you updated.

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    I noticed that I had the same problem. I am not very tech savvy so it took me quite a while to figure out how to install a second extension via developer mode.

    Here’s how I figured it out. If it makes any difference, this is how it should work for uploading the extension from a PC in into developer mode in Chrome browser.

    1. Download the .zip file by clicking on ‘developer mode install’.
    2. Open .zip file. Extract files from the .zip folder. You can extract file from .zip folder by right clicking on the .zip file and choosing ‘Extract All’.
    *The developer mode installation will not be accepted as a valid extension file if you attempt to upload the entire .zip file/folder as the extension file*

    3. Go to Extensions page in your Google Chrome. [Click the three vertical dots in the top right corner of your browser’s window. Drag your pointer down to ‘More Tools’. Here another pop-up box will appear. Fourth row down is labeled ‘Extensions’. Click on this.]

    4. In Your ‘Extensions’ page there is a slide-bar/slide-button in the top right corner of the screen. It is labeled ‘Developer mode’. Slide the button from left to right in order to activate developer mode. The slide-button will be blue if activated.

    5. A bar of three options will drop down once developer mode is activated. Three options appear on this bar, ‘Load unpacked’, ‘Pack Extension’ & ‘Update’. Click ‘Load Unpacked’. You will be prompted to choose a file folder from your device to upload.

    6. Upload the entire unzipped file folder from the ‘Developer mode install’ provided by the web page of your extension of choice. Again, you must extract the folder within the compressed .zip folder because the entire .zip file cannot be used as a valid extension file. the extracted file and the original .zip file have the same name (mine for example was ‘youtube_video_downloader_16.3.2_chrome’) , so be sure to choose the valid folder-type.

    7. Click ‘Select Folder’. If the process was done without issue/correctly, the extension file will appear just as any other extension in your ‘Extensions’ folder. You can choose to slide the extension button/slider to activate the extension. Also, the ‘Developer mode’ slide button in the top right of the screen can be deactivated once again.

    Hopefully this is helpful.

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