i want to install two Addoncrop extensions


Hi, I just installed the YouTube mp3 converter to my Chrome via crosspilot (its working fine) and tried to add the soundcloud one too.
But whenever I click on the option to add that one, it takes me to the YouTube addon, not giving me the option to add it.
I’ve heard a lot of good things about this website and I would love to use the soundcloud add on you guys offer.

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    With Crosspilot, you can install only one extension as of now. We’re working on this.
    To install another extension along with the Crosspilot one, you can use the Developer mode method of installation.

    1. Download extension from Addoncrop (By clicking on “Developer mode install” button)
    2. Visit chrome://extensions (via Omnibox or menu -> tools -> extensions)
    3. Enable developer mode (By ticking the checkbox in the upper-right corner)
    4. Click on the “load unpacked extension” button
    5. Select the directory containing your unpacked extension

    That’s it. Your another extension has been installed in your browser via developer mode

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