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    If you do not wish to use Crosspilot, the only way to update your extension is manually remove the old version and install the new version of the extension.

    To do that,

    1. First, remove your current (old version) extension by going to (menu -> tools -> extensions)
    2. Download (Latest Version) extension from Addoncrop (By clicking on “Developer mode install” button)
    3. Visit chrome://extensions (via Omnibox or menu -> tools -> extensions)
    4. Enable developer mode (By ticking the checkbox in the upper-right corner)
    5. Click on the “load unpacked extension” button
    6. Select the directory containing your unpacked extension

    However, To avoid this lengthy method of Installation and to get automated updates for the extensions, you can use Crosspilot. It is very easy and convenient to use. With Crosspilot, you will not get any Developer mode warnings and the extension will also not get uninstalled mistakenly. You can view its installation guide here

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